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Our ration is formulated to provide the right balance of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins to bring out the best in your horse and covers feed for every type of equine. We adopt processes and materials based on proven research.

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We offer cattle feed that enhances milk, reproductive ability and the overall health of the cow & buffalo. Experienced nutritionists help us in formulating cattle feed through which we seek to increase the profitability of farmers & dairy farm.

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Our energised and minerals enriched products ensure excellent Growth, Health and Productivity of chicken. Our professionally formulated feed helps to attain Body Weight Gain, Proper Dressing Yield and early Marketability of broilers.

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Commitment by Camron

Camron has been committed to premium quality feed crafted using only the finest hand-selected ingredients and using world class formulation with modern technology.

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Premium Quality Feeds and Nutrition Products.Commitment to supply safe, abundant and affordable animal proteins.

Prepared Feed

Animal Nutrition

Feed Ingredients

ensure premium
quality feed
deal in safe &
digestible feed
guaranteed nutritional
assure animal
health with feeding

A leader in premium quality animal feeds

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  • Technology
  • Materials

Our products are manufactured on research based formulation which is tested before delivery to customers. The advanced formulation, technology and high quality minerals make our product different from others.

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Animal feed plays an important role in overall food chain and has implications for the composition and quality of the livestock products that we consume. Camron is committed to help consumer and protect animal health by producing healthy and safe feed.

Export Quality Feed

We are exporting best quality Cattle & Horse Feed
1. Premium brand 
2. Nutrition Rich
3. Fresh, Free from Antibiotic & Mold 
4. Hassle free delivery
5. Customised Packing
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