Cotton DOC

safe alternative feed for cattle

Cottonseed DOC is the by-product of oil extraction from cotton seeds. As a protein-rich feed, cottonseed meal is a common source of protein for cattle. This can be used as a partial substitute for soybean meal.

Cottonseed meal is a cost effective feed for milk producing animals if fed in required quantity. It is easily digestible and increases milk productivity. 

Packing: Jute Bag

Net Wt: 50kgs

Dry Matter: upto 92%

CP% 40-45 Min
EE 2.8-3.0 Min
CF 12-13 Max
TDN 70-75 Min

*dry matter basis

Suggested Feeding level

Cow/Buffalo For milk production (per ltr) For pregnancy For maintenance
Small breed cows (300-400kg wt) 0.4 kg 2kg (last two months) 2 kg
Large breed cows (400-500kg wt) 0.4 kg 3kg (last two months) 2.5-3.0 kg
Small breed buffaloes (300-400kg wt) 0.5 kg 2kg (last two months) 2 kg
Large breed buffaloes (400-500kg wt) 0.5 kg 3kg (last two months) 2.5-3.0 kg

How to Feed : This is a compound feed and can be fed directly or by mixing it with chaffed dry/green fodder. This feed need not to be cooked or pre-soaked before feeding to animals.

benefits of camron's Dairy Special feed

Healthy Animal

Provides useful nutrition for growing, adult, milk producing and pregnant animals.

Improves reproductive

Improves Animal reproductive efficiency. Feeding animal with this quality feed, milk producing duration increases. 

High Quality
Protein & Energy

This feed contains quality grains, brans, cakes, mineral mixture and vitamins which are useful source of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins for animal.

Improves calf

By using this feed regularly, it improves growth rate in calves.

Healthy Calf

If fed to pregnant animals in required quantity, calves born are healthy.

Lower cost
of Milk

By regular use of this feed in essential quantity along with quality hay, cost of milk production can be minimised to earn more profit.

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