CAMGluco- transition period solutionTransition Period Solution

transition period solution for cattle
Challenges during transition period & solution: Rate of increase in the dry matter is slower than the rate of Milk Energy Output

Period: 21 days before and 21 days after calving


  • Maximum fetal growth occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy
  • The Expanding Uterus causes pressure on rumen
  • Resulting in Less Dry Matter Intake


Challenges of dry matter intake in transition

  • Sharp Increase in the Nutrient Requirement for Fetal Growth
  • Sharp Increase in the Energy Requirement for Calving
  • Sharp Increase in the Energy Requirement for Milk Production

Challenges of Transition Period-Shrinkage of Rumen papillae

  • Rumen papillae decreases
  • Less Nutrient Absorption



  • Provides an instant source of energy
  • Alleviates problems due to low DMI
  • Acts as a dry matter supplement when DMI is still inadequate to fulfill the energy needs of the animal
  • Improves peak milk yield and lactation length
  • Increases the length of rumen papillae
  • More nutrient absorption


Inclusion rate:

  • Transition period : 100gm per day per animal fed in two divided parts
  • As an instant source of energy : 50gm per animal per day for at least 20 days
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