CAMInnerFAT- Solution for Negative Energy BalanceBest Rumen Protected Fat For Negative Energy Balance

CAMInnerFAT is a superior rumen protected fat which provides high energy compared to other feed e e ingredients to overcome negative energy conditions.


  • Optimizes energy during early lactation
  • Improves body condition score in early lactation
  • Timely return to estrus after calving
  • Reduces the prevalence of metabolic diseases

Trusted one for digestibility Trusted one for Quality

  • Enriched with lysolecithin to ensure better  digestion and absorption from small intestine
  • Larger particle size with reduced surface area ensures faster rumen bypass
  • Highly inert with minimal free fatty acids so it escapes rumen microbial activity resulting to low biohydrogenation


  • Hand selected ingredients
  • Controlled Peroxide Value(PV), thiobarbituric and free alkali levels ensuring no rancidity

Enhanced Palatability

  • Added flavor to enhance taste and feed intake
  • Increased milk productivity

Usage: 100-200 gram per animal per day. Depending upon the milk production or as advised by the nutritionist

Availability: 25 kg bag

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Camron’s feed products are worth to choose for daily diet for horse & cow. I have been using these products and it made difference in terms of productivity & animal health.

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